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What services do we offer our clients?

We do our best to take a load off of your practice by remotely handling any processes that we can. Our services include:

Medical Billing

We have the capacity to do all of your billing for you. Each of our billers are trained in particular states throughout the country, so they are aware of the idiosyncrasies in those states, the various laws, and especially the quirks of the local insurance companies in the states they do billing in. This experience is invaluable and will make a tremendous impact for good on your bottom line.

Whether we are billing off of a paper superbill you submit to us, or from your electronic medical records system, we do our best to tailor our process to what you are most comfortable with.

Claims Follow-Up

This could very well be the area that sets us apart the most from other billing services. We put a great deal of time and energy into following up on every single claim until processed correctly. One of the biggest complaints we hear about other billing services is that they let claims fall through the cracks. This does not happen with our team. Our team of claims specialists spend countless hours on the phone calling on each outstanding claim every single month for each of our clients. Our standard package also includes a monthly Claim Status Report. We are a commission based company; therefore, we are motivated to make sure the insurance companies reimburse you properly for all services rendered. Your Accounts Receivable is in great hands with us! We’ve had so many clients tell us over the years how much their business has grown because of our vigilance in getting them paid well by insurance.

Verification of Benefits

Although eligibility and some benefits information can be obtained online, we find this information to be very limited, especially if we are billing for any type of specialty. Therefore, we offer a full benefits work-up for each maternity patient. This means one of our qualified team members makes an actual phone call to the insurance company to ask all the appropriate questions about coverage. We then send a full report to the patient and the provider. This information, while never a guarantee of coverage, can be so valuable.

Authorizations and Exceptions

As part of our benefits process, we also obtain all necessary authorizations for care. If the provider is not contracted with the insurance company, we apply for an in-network exception when possible.

Cash-Pay Collections

If you need help with cash-pay payment plans and balance billing, we can manage this aspect of your business as well. We have had many clients tell us how invaluable it has been for them to be able to turn this part of their practice over to a third party. This can make a huge impact for good on your cash flow.


Demographics is a big issue when dealing with insurance companies. Our team of experts ensures that all of your provider information is set up correctly with every insurance company you bill. This is a huge hassle that you do not have to worry about when you contract with us.


Our Credentialing Department can obtain new contracts on your behalf or renegotiate existing ones. This can save you countless hours of paperwork! Let our trained staff go to bat for you.

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Have a problem or concern about your account? Call Client Relations!

Client feedback is invaluable to us. Our Client Relations Department works hard to stay in touch with our providers to make sure your needs are being met. We reach out to clients on a regular basis for honest feedback about how we are doing. We tweak our process as needed in an effort to meet your needs.

If you have questions, comments, or even concerns about Larsen Billing Service, we are ready to listen. Contact the Client Relations Department at:

Phone: 888-458-8015 ext. 18

Welcome to Larsen Billing Service

We are the premier billing service for professionals in independent practice. Whether you are a new or experienced care provider or an insurance member, we have services to meet your unique needs.

For many years, Larsen Billing Service has provided comprehensive insurance billing and collection services to healthcare practices across the country.

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What We Do

  • Maternity Billing
  • Facility Billing
  • Family Practice Billing
  • Primary Care Billing
  • Specialty Practice Billing
  • Verification of Benefits
  • Demographics
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Consulting
  • Patient Billing

Just like you, our bottom line is healthy families, but that can't happen without maximized insurance reimbursement. Put our personalized experience to work for you.

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