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Why do practices hire us?

At Larsen Billing Service, we invite you to leave all the insurance billing hassles to us, so that you can focus on client care.

What is our "secret sauce"? We believe it is our stellar TEAM! We possess excellent customer service skills and the ability to fight hard for your claims, both on the phone and through strong appeals. We get results regardless of which medical software programs we use, whether we utilize your systems or ours.

Benefits to hiring Larsen Billing Service:

Saves You Time

We will get results for you faster by doing your billing ourselves rather than by trying to teach your staff how to do it. This saves a lot of trial and error time.

Saves You Money

Hire our remote billing service to do the work that it might take several in-house staff to do! Save valuable overhead and office space, and have less employees to train and manage.

Potential Increase in Revenue

We bill all the appropriate codes to represent your care, thereby maximizing insurance reimbursement. It is very possible you have been leaving money on the table, and we will quickly eliminate that issue when you hire us.

Trained Staff in Billing and Coding

Our billers are experienced and knowledgeable in medical billing and coding. They also specialize in particular states so that they can incorporate your state laws as they fight hard for your claims to pay.

We Never Call in Sick

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing we have a very large team, over 55 people. Why does that matter? Because crises happen to people sometimes. What if life happened to your main in-house biller, or that person suddenly quit? How badly would that affect your Accounts Receivables? That could be devastating to some practices. Become our client and this will never be a concern for you. If a situation comes up with any of our team members, there will always be many others to pick up the slack, so your account will not feel it.

Use of Our Medical Billing Software is Included in Your Package – 24/7 Access

We utilize CollaborateMD as our medical billing software. View their website here. When you hire Larsen Billing Service, the use of this software is included at no additional cost. You have 24/7 viewing access to everything we are doing on your account, including claim status. You may also choose to utilize the software to track the cash-pay portion of your practice, but there is no requirement to use this software. CollaborateMD also offers other practice management solutions that you are welcome to take advantage of.

Microsoft SharePoint Cloud Storage

In addition to Collaborate MD, we're using the latest technology and cloud services to manage the information you send us. We have partnered with Microsoft Office 365 to create a custom SharePoint website for your practice. This website allows for 24/7 document sharing and provides you with the convenience of sharing files with your billing team any time and from any device that can access the internet. This document sharing website is completely HIPAA compliant and can eliminate the need to fax documents to us.

Persistent, Automatic Claims Follow-up and Monthly Reporting

This is the area that sets us apart the most from other billing services. All outstanding claims are called on by our trained claims specialists each month and then reported to you via claim status reports. We work hard to make sure that claims do not fall through the cracks, fighting until they are processed correctly.

Automatic Appeals on Denied Claims

Many times, aggressive phone calls to insurance companies are not enough, although we are very adept at those. When those calls still fail to get results, we move on to aggressive appeal tactics. We are very well-versed at writing appeals, and we take great satisfaction in seeing our clients get hard-earned reimbursements after strong appeal letters have been submitted.

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Welcome to Larsen Billing Service

We are the premier billing service for professionals in independent practice. Whether you are a new or experienced care provider or an insurance member, we have services to meet your unique needs.

For many years, Larsen Billing Service has provided comprehensive insurance billing and collection services to healthcare practices across the country.

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What We Do

  • Maternity Billing
  • Facility Billing
  • Family Practice Billing
  • Primary Care Billing
  • Specialty Practice Billing
  • Verification of Benefits
  • Demographics
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Consulting
  • Patient Billing

Just like you, our bottom line is healthy families, but that can't happen without maximized insurance reimbursement. Put our personalized experience to work for you.

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